Vivian Wang is an emerging printmaker in Chicago. She works primarily with geometric forms. She has been a recipient of the Seattle Print Arts and Pratt Fine Arts Center Partners Grant, the JD Hoyt Memorial Art Scholarship, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Distinguished Scholar Merit Scholarship. Vivian has been featured in juried group exhibits including the Four Rivers Print Biennial, The Contemporary Print, and the North Seattle College Annual Student Art Show, where her work was awarded First Prize for Best of Show. Vivian is currently continuing her education in fine arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

"My work investigates the interplay of chaos and order, and the push and pull this relationship creates. I find inspiration in systems of organization, architectural structures, and geological minerals. Utilizing two-dimensional shapes and lines, I create prints that explore the illusion of dimensionality and an imagined space where structures are formed by these shapes and lines. The structures appear to be suspended in this fabricated space, but also seem to be in a state of flux. The structures have elements of both assembly and fracture, resulting in smaller forms that are drifting past one another. As much as my prints are about form and structure, they are also about the process and intricacy involved in the making of the work. My monoprints are created through experimenting with layering, repetition, and scale. I intentionally hand draw, cut, and carve my plates so an additional dimension of interest is created through the moments in which human error introduce imperfections."

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